Outdoor Classes


Do you have a pod or wish to gather a group together for safe private outdoor classes in your backyard? If so Ms Laurie can come to you! In Broward and Miami/Dade County you can gather up to 9 people (babies count) + Ms Laurie for outdoor Music Together® classes. The same Music Together Classes you have come to know and love can happen outdoors... with a few safety tweaks that is.

You gather your group, decide whose shady backyard to use and we will approve the location. Due to Florida’s climate the most successful classes happen very early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Classes are also available on weekend mornings. Only parties registered online may attend class. Minimum of three families required for class.

Please contact us for timing & availability:


(917) 609-1060


A few things to note and expect:

  • Each family will maintain at least 6 feet or more of distance on their own blanket they provide.
  • There will be ZERO contact between Ms Laurie and families.
  • There will be ZERO contact between your family and another’s family. If you have already established a pod connection with another family prior to class and wish to share a blanket you may do so. However you may not travel from blanket to blanket during class to avoid confusion to other children.
  • It will be all parents’ responsibility to see that all children maintain safe distancing throughout class.
  • Please wash your hands frequently, and before and after attending our classes. A sanitization station will be in place with hand sanitizer. We recommend that every family bring their own hand sanitizer as well.

  • Children under 3 years of age will not be required to wear masks.

  • Adults and older children shall wear a surgical style face mask or other covering for their nose and mouth any time they are within 6 feet of those who are not in the same household. (This will mostly apply to the brief periods for arrival, screening, departure, and any time you need to leave your designated family space during class, for example to go to the bathroom or chase a child who might try to wander into another family’s space.) If you have a medical condition that prevents you being able to abide by this rule, we are very sorry, but we cannot accommodate you in our in-person classes at this time.

  • Bathroom Use – At some outdoor locations, if the host makes bathrooms available they might require that any family that wishes to use an indoor bathroom will use a mask. SOME OUTDOOR LOCATIONS MAY NOT HAVE BATHROOMS. Please go to the bathroom before you come, and consider carrying a potty in your car for younger kids who might have “potty emergencies” during class.

  • Instruments or other objects will not be shared between families. Families will be advised about what to bring from home for instruments or props. Instruments for class or homemade substitutes will be sent out so that you know what to bring to class.

  • Weather issues - If the class is cancelled due to rain or other inclement weather conditions, classes will be held on Zoom. In addition, one rain date will be setup for each in-person class location. Families who miss individual classes can make them up on Zoom on specific hours during the week. There will be no refunds or credits offered for missed classes.

  • In the event that you notice any symptoms of sickness in ANY member of your family, if anyone in your family has been diagnosed with Covid-19, or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or showing symptoms, you will notify Ms Laurie immediately.
  • A full list of terms and conditions will provided upon registration 


What’s Included In Your Tuition:

Hard copy materials including CD semester collection music we’ll be singing, beautifully illustrated semester songbook, and digital download code to access music and extra activities through the “Hello Everybody” App. Access to the exclusive online Family to Music Zone® - a family guide to understanding music development in children, and a family newsletter full of of res courses and music making ideas.


10 week Semester

First Child: $225.00*

Sibling Fee: $205.00* 

*does not include $5.00 registration fee