Canta y Baila Conmigo®

Canta y Baila Conmigo® Online (0-6 year olds)

Canta y Baila Conmigo is a unique curriculum for ages 0-6 and their adult loved ones with dual, complimentary goals of music education and language immersion. It is designed to be accessible to all families, regardless of native language, musical background, ethnicity, age or ability level. CyBC creates a playful, interactive atmosphere where children and adults learn language naturally and organically through the music activities, song lyrics, and the interactions in class..

Our unique curriculum offers:

  • A fun and motivating Spanish immersion experience
  • A solid foundation for early musical development
  • Class activities that promote cognitive, language, motor, and social skills
  • Exposure through music to the cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries

Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish by an experienced teacher/musician. Each semester features a collection of carefully selected folk classics, familiar children’s songs, and new adaptations of traditional songs and rhymes.


Join us for music, learning, and fun at Canta y Baila Conmigo!

CyBC Family Playground

There is no substitute for the magic we create when we get together in person as a CyBC community. Until we can meet again in our in-person classes, we are here to support you in your musical bilingual journey. We have created an online "playspace" for our families, so that you can stay active and connected and enjoy the Fall 2020 La Pájara Pinta collection at home as a family! We call it the CyBC Family Playground because there will be content for the whole family to enjoy!

The CyBC Family Playground includes:

  • Play-along song videos with Maddie Welch, the creator of CyBC
  • Downloadable coloring and activity pages
  • Craft activities related to the songs being sung
  • Video messages/song from CyBC teachers around the country
  • Spanish lessons for parents and older kids

Preview the Family Playground HERE

**Note: The CyBC Family Playground will only be offered during full semesters. When signing up for the introductory session, you will not have access. 

What makes Canta y Baila Conmigo different?

Many programs teach vocabulary using songs.  We pride ourselves in teaching language through music. We take music education seriously, and we present it in the context of language immersion. Children and adults learn language naturally and organically through the music activities, song lyrics, and the interactions in class.

Language learning through immersion is natural and ongoing, so our collections are not sequential. Basic key vocabulary is used and repeated every semester. Each collection also adds themes and special concepts that enrich language learning no matter which semester you join the class.


CyBC Materials

Our families receive beautiful, professionally recorded music collections, carefully selected to represent the wide variety of Hispanic musical traditions and genres. The take-home family songbook includes music notation, lyrics and information about the origins of the songs in both Spanish and English.



What if we don't speak any Spanish? Will we be able to participate?

Non-Spanish speakers quickly catch on, because the language in class is natural, interactive, and used in context.  In addition, music is a universal language! Teachers actively engage participants through the music, regardless of each family’s level of Spanish. Lastly, the take-home materials offer translations and other English language supports for families learning Spanish.

Will this class be too "easy" for native speakers?

Young children, regardless of their home language, are in the process of developing language skills. CyBC teachers use structured immersion techniques, which allow them to use natural, whole language while including all participants.  Native speakers do not feel that the language is beginner-level or simplified.  In fact, Spanish-speaking families across the country find that CyBC is a great support to them in achieving language maintenance at home.

My child doesn't even speak English yet. Won't they get confused?

Young brains are incredibly flexible, so children usually catch on much more quickly than their grown-ups! Age birth through 5 is the perfect time to expose your child to a second or third language. In fact, experts agree that the earlier the better for bilingual development. You may notice your child using Spanish words together with their English words. This is not confusion, but instead the sign of a smart, busy mind at work!

What is the role of the parents in class?

This class depends on the grown-ups’ participation.  They are the ones who model making music and using the language by following the teacher’s lead. Adults also model an attitude that is positive, cooperative and open to new things. Seeing adults enjoy themselves in class will seal the deal! Of course, your #1 job is to be there for and with your child, sharing the class experience and making memories to last a lifetime.


Thursdays:10:30 -11:15am

Instructor: Maria Teresa