How to Register in Parkland (P-REC)



Please contact the P-REC to register and pay your partial tuition of $175.00* or $160.00* (depending on semester length) directly. New participants will need to register in person at the community center to provide proof of residency. You do not need to be a Parkland resident but please check with P-REC regarding non-residential fees. 
If you have taken classes at P-REC you can register using their online system. 



Pay Music Together With Laurie

After registering at P-REC you need to complete your registration here with the link above for $50.00* fee to Music Together With Laurie®.



Why cant you just pay one registration price?          
I know's complicated. However when we teach at an outside facility like Plantation we have to separate the $50 fee that goes back to Music Together® Worldwide for providing continued research, new music, teacher trainings, the highest quality music found in any children's program and a whole lot more that comes with this amazing program and curriculum.  



Your registration will not be considered complete until you've paid BOTH the $50.00 fee to Music Together With Laurie®  and registration of $175.00 at PREC. 



Tuition & Schedule 



Registration opens in March 1st


Weekly Wednesdays: 3:30 & 4:30pm (45 min each) 

9 week Semester - $210.00*

($160.00* paid to P-Rec

$ 50.00* paid to Music Together With Laurie)

*does not include registration fees